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In a collaboration with the city of Ville St. Laurent, I had the privilege of creating a stunning mural that celebrates the theme of diversity and the youth that embodies it. My artistic vision was to craft a collage of various elements, incorporating characters of different scales and styles into one cohesive and meaningful narrative. The result is a vibrant and captivating work of art that tells a powerful story of inclusivity and acceptance. To further elevate the piece, a talented poet contributed a poem that seamlessly blends with the mural, adding a layer of depth and emotion that allows the viewer to truly immerse themselves in the artwork and explore its intricate details. Through this innovative fusion of different artistic mediums, the mural and the poem together create an unforgettable experience that ignites the imagination and inspires the soul.
"Au loin dans les nuées du jour
Danse l'espoir et son amie demain
Dans les yeux des enfants. un reflet d'aventure Inspire les poètes, les fleurs naissent, d'ici au cachemire, les eaux coulent.
Recouvrent la planète d'une lumière
Sans fuite et sans dessein

Poem By : Alizée Pichot

Mixed media
Size 34'x 28' (10,3m x 8,5m)
Ville St Laurent, Montreal.
August 2019.

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