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L'homme aux nénuphars

Nestled near the shores of the Saint Lawrence River, a towering 27-meter-tall masterpiece stands tall, depicting the essence of Verdun's leisurely lifestyle.
Together with my friend and partner-in-crime, Dodo, we created this stunning artwork for the community. To gather inspiration, we even organized a meeting with the locals where they shared their personal anecdotes and experiences living in the neighborhood.
At the center of the artwork, you'll find a mysterious, larger-than-life bluish figure that connects the air, land, and water. Its gender is ambiguous, adding to its enigmatic allure. The painting also features two fishermen, who are residents and friends of the neighborhood, paying homage to this beloved activity. This artwork is a collaborative effort between the borough, the Verdun Historical and Genealogical Society, and several locals. Don't miss the chance to witness this inspiring masterpiece in person!

Mix media
Size : 16'x 90' (5m x 27m)
October 2019

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