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  • 23 octobre 2017

    Sonaar Music Awards Coming Up

    Mustache gentrify chicharrones street art, art party taxidermy DIY umami hammock bitters four loko bushwick pitchfork kombucha shabby chic. Gluten-free forage kitsch organic semiotics, wayfa...

  • 22 octobre 2017

    This is a post with a YouTube Video

    I’ve been a diehard music fan since my youth, but we began to understand the structure of music when we learned to DJ 12 years ago. After a few years of DJing with vinyl, a program called Se...

  • 19 octobre 2017

    New DJ on the Sonaar Lineup

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  • 24 octobre 2015


    Great wall on water theme - Montreal 2106

  • 6 mai 2015

    Le Sage est la Muse

    First Mural for the PAM (Program d'Art Mural) city of Montreal 2015 Realisation Ankhone - Dodo Ose - Zek 156 Production : Ashopcrew